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Casting Call for Season Two!

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, the Sundance Channel show inspired by Tom and Melissa’s book of essays, has been renewed for a second season!

If you live in Nashville or Austin and are gay with a female BFF (or female with a gay BFF), check out this casting call for season two.

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Girls Who Like Boys…on TV!

You may have read about it in the past few months: Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys will be debuting in winter 2010 as a new reality series on the Sundance Channel! Our book of essays inspired the concept for the show, which follows three real-life straight girl-gay guy couples. Stay tuned!

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All the news that fits…

Melissa and I have finally hit the tail end of our Girls… tour with fantastic stops not only at our NY book party (yes, yes, we know, we never got around to posting a full report — you’ll just have to check out the pics to see all the fab folk who were there), but also at Borders Columbus Circle, BookHampton East, KGB Bar, and McNally Robinson Bookstore, among others.

We’ve also gotten more press than even we can keep up with. Here’s a rundown, in no particular order of importance:

-Melissa and I were guests on Here TV’s podcast, “Here! with Josh and Sara,” which was a blast. Check out the podcast online.

-Ayelet Waldman read her wonderful essay, “Darling, I Like You That Way,” on KQED Radio in the Bay Area as part of their program, “The Writer’s Block,” also distributed through NPR.

-Mel and I were recently guests on the nationally syndicated Lisa Birnbach radio show. Remember The Preppy Handbook?

-Simon Doonan had an amazing two page spread in Elle that featured the book at the end, complete with pics of his days in ’80s London. Go, Simon!

-Claire Zulkey’s fabulous book blog interviewed Andrew Solomon and Cindy Chupack in a double interview.

-Andrew’s recent wedding was also featured in the New York Times, and the local angle was covered on the blog Josh and Josh Are Rich and Famous in an adorable post that also mentioned our NY book party.

-Rachel Kramer Bussel’s article on anthologies was published recently on, and includes our book.

-On June 23, Bill Goldstein reviewed Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys in his segment on WNBC TV’s “Weekend Today in New York.”

The New York Daily News reviewed the book (though they focused a bit more on a certain gossip angle about one of our favorite writers than we would have liked).

-Brian Sloan and Philip Himberg were interviewed on Steve Pride’s nationally syndicated radio show in Los Angeles. There was also a terrific write-up on the LA ADL reading on the “Out in Hollywood” blog.

-We’ve reached Ireland!

-I was a guest on Steven Gaines’s NPR program, “Sunday Brunch: Live from the American Hotel,” broadcast from Sag Harbor.

-Zach Udko and I were guests on the Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Satellite Radio’s OutQ Station, which was fun as always. Later that day, after schlepping through the July heat for an hour, I taped a segment on Logo TV with Itay Hod. Eeks! No one told me that Logo doesn’t do makeup for its guests, only for its hosts (and I forgot that showing up a bit disheveled is fine for radio, not television). So if you catch it, be nice! There’s nothing to make you humble like seeing yourself larger than life size next to a handsome, recently primped TV anchor.

And on the book front:

Anna David‘s new novel Party Girl is out in stores now! It’s a fantastic read, so don’t miss it.

-Of course, go pick up Armistead Maupin‘s new novel, Michael Tolliver Lives. It’s like hanging out with old friends that you haven’t seen in ages.

-Melissa also has several new novels in the works, and I have my new novel (which, yes, contains a gay-loving mom!), The Sixth Form, coming out in January ’08.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some of our news (and apologies to those contributors who have also released new books in the last few months), but I think that’s about it for now. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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A Different Light indeed!

We had SUCH a great time at the reading at A Different Light last night. We had a full house! SRO baby! It was really amazing–and so nice to meet all the wonderful people who populate our book. Philip Himberg has been bringing his daughter, Fanny to all the readings. (His story is about how Fanny came to be!) And last night Karl Soehnlein’s friend Maria, whom he writes about in “The Collectors” was in the audience.

This whole experience has been amazing–it’s been so much fun working with all these different writers and I feel a little sad that we only have a few more events to go…

In other news, the book gets a big shout-out in the July issue of ELLE! Thanks to Simon Doonan for facilitating it! Yeah! Go check it out!

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The (Short) Party Report

Full report coming soon, but here are some photos by Patrick McMullan of our launch party, and hilarious reports from Gawker and Mediabistro. Enjoy!

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From New York to London…

We received a wonderful review in Time Out New York (we love that the book is “quietly revolutionary”) and an insightful profile in London’s Observer entitled “Why every girl needs a gay best friend.” The paper’s New York correspondent came to our Chelsea B&N reading and got some great quotes from our contributors (and, in at least one case, their spouses!).

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Fun at Soho House and another rave!

Fantastic reading at Soho House last night (pictures coming soon!) as we read to a packed crowd in the library and signed books. Those Ivy Leaguers were in rapt attention…and our lovely editor Trena Keating was there last night, and nearly rolling on the floor in laughter. We had told her how funny some of the pieces were when read aloud, but I think she had to see it for herself!

The Pop Rocks party was a blast — we’ve got some pics coming of girls who like boys who like boys…perhaps just a little too much!

And Philip Himberg, who has been a superstar contributor, called me this morning to tell me about a rave review in Gay City News. Very cool — and so nice when a review really digs deep into the book. Loved it!

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Chelsea Packed, The Latest Press…and Our Book Party!

Last night’s reading at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble was fantastic — more than 100 people showed up, and the crowd loved the selections. Sadly, Simon had to miss the event due to his father passing away (though the Page Six item that ran beforehand drew in the crowds–it may be the only time the Post can use the word “fag” in print); he sent us all an email, which I read to the crowd, noting that his father was “a great bloke and a major FAG-STAG who welcomed both FAGS and FAG-HAGS into his heart and home.” Fortunately, we got the wonderful Mike Albo to sub in for Simon. (Simon will be joining us in East Hampton, so don’t miss him then.) Mike, Andrew, Elizabeth, Karen, and Zach entertained everyone, and we signed–and sold–a ton of books.

Our NY launch party, a week from today, is also coming along, so expect pictures from that next week! We’ve signed up our four fabulous co-hosts: Jonathan Adler, Tinsley Mortimer, Miles Redd, and Allison Sarofim — all girls and gays who love each other! (As Allison wrote to us, “I’m a girl who loves a gay, so of course I’d love to host!”)

The press and blogging response to the book has been amazing: there’s the San Francisco Chronicle article (complete with a HUGE picture in the print edition), which we keep hearing about from friends; we were the “What to Read” for the week; a review in Edge Boston; blog entries from Queerty and others; a mention in the New York Observer‘s Eight Day Week and New York magazine’s Vulture section; a rave review in Booklist; and a podcast featuring contributor Brian Sloan on One Tryck Pony.

And…we are a bestseller at BookHampton in East Hampton! (not to mention a #1 gay nonfiction bestseller at

Plus: Some of our writers, including Brian Sloan and Michael Musto, will be talking about the book this Saturday on D List Radio.

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Book covered in SF Chron, Washington Blade & Pride Source!

We’re getting lots of fun press for the book!

Here’s the one from the San Francisco Chronicle, where you can also see photos from our fabulous party.

Here’s a nice interview from Pride Source, and here’s one from the Washington Blade.

Yay!! I particularly like that photo of me and Tom laughing. That pretty much sums up our friendship–a lot of giggling!

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Do yourself a favor-don’t miss a reading!!

How can I describe how much FUN our readings are?? The San Francisco readings were amazing–and the Book Soup event was just spectacular–our readers–Zach, Cecil, Cindy, Gigi and Philip really outdid themselves. It was the best sort of literary event–warm, funny, smart, raunchy, moving, spontaneous. Lots of good feeling all around. Our readings bring the book to life, and I am so sad to have missed the Borders reading tonight. (My six-month old had a bad reaction to her shots and was feverish and throwing up all day and night so I just could not bear to leave her.) But this book is my baby too!

New York is going to be excellent (Karen Robinovitz! Simon Doonan! Andrew Solomon! Elizabeth Spiers! just to name a few of our fab contributors who will be reading), and I behoove those of you in town to come to one of our events–they just keep getting better and better and don’t disappoint. I was teary-eyed by the end of Wednesday’s reading–our writers have shared such a special part of their lives with us and people, it just does not get better than this. This is literature…live!!

Bring your main gals and main gays… we hope to see you soon!

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