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Gawker Takes Note…

You know you’ve arrived when you get your Gawker plug.

Kudos to Elizabeth, who’s an all-around good sport about these things. Come see her (as well as Simon, Andrew, Karen, Zach, Mel, and me) at our first big reading in NY this coming Wednesday.

Oh, and our Book Soup reading was EXCELLENT! We’ve posted some pics on our Flickr page. Truly fantastic reading. Though all the readers were terrific, Cindy and Gigi’s essays had the standing-room only crowd (and their readers) tearing up at the end. Really moving. We really should take this show on the road.

Mel and I (and Anna and Philip, via phone) were also on KPCC Radio today for half an hour, talking about the book and tonight’s reading at Borders in Westwood.

And…there are pieces about the book in Next Magazine, David Atlanta, and Edge Magazine this week.

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A plug in Leah Garchik’s column

Nice little write-up this morning in Leah Garchik’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle:

[A reader] was off to Dagmar and Ray Dolby’s book party celebrating the publication of “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys,” co-edited by their son, writer Tom Dolby, and Melissa de la Cruz. Every Dolby reveler she told about the Truman Project was interested and curious. “What a city this is,” she said of the mix.

Another guest of the Dolbys described the party as gay in every way. She overheard Dagmar Dolby telling someone who’d complimented her on her red Proenza Schouler jacket that it is a “great advantage to have a gay son who picks out your clothes!”

Ha! I feel like I know next to NOTHING about fashion. But, oh well. (Sorry, Mom, I just thought the Proenza Schouler looked good on you.)

As Mel wrote, the SF bookstore people were fantastic, particularly Mike Barnard at Rakestraw who catered a party for us, made Cosmos, AND raised money for the Trevor Project. Fun night. And we loved the royal treatment that we got from Books, Inc. and Book Passage (including free gifts for us!).

Also, check out the Shutterfly Galleries by photographer Drew Altizer of our two nights of book events last week, the party and the first reading. Nothing like a photographer who makes everyone look good!

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On to Los Angeles!

Thank you San Francisco! We had a wonderful time in San Fran–thank you so much to all the wonderful folks at the bookstores who hosted us–Joanna at Books Inc., Mike at Rakestraw Books in Danville and Kath at Book Passage! We had a blast–the readings were raunchy, raucous and highly entertaining and if you are in the L.A. area I hope you stop by and see us!

It was so fun to meet the wonderful contributors–everyone is so funny and sassy! It’s like writers’ heaven…

We will be at Book Soup in LA on Wednesday, May 23 and the Borders in Westwood on Thursday, May 24. Both readings start at 7PM!

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One down, two to go…

We won’t be posting after every reading, but I just have to say after our first one (at Books, Inc. in San Francisco) that I had forgotten how FUNNY the essay selections are in Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys — we had the audience (even the straight men) cracking up at each essay, particularly the bawdier selections. Stacey Ballis emailed me about that a few days ago, asking if she should cut out any of the more explicit parts of her essay. “No!” I wrote back. “Leave them in!” They’re one of the many things that makes her piece fun.

Afterwards, we all went out to Trader Vic’s, which was a blast — put five novelists at a table and you get some interesting conversations (not to mention some good industry dish).

On to Rakestraw tomorrow…

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We’re Out!

Yes, believe it or not, the book is out today! We’ve been doing a whirl of media: an SF press launch party at my parents’ house last night (photos coming soon!), two radio interviews for me today (Out in the Bay and BookTalk with Alan Farley), and assorted interviews with various other publications.

Last night was such a treat, particularly to hang out with the SF contributors, and to meet Armistead for the first time — he’s as funny and charming in person as his novels would suggest. Everyone loved their Girls… tote bags, sure to be the hot item in eco-friendly San Francisco.

Looking forward to meeting ALL of our Bay Area friends and readers over the next three days!

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Best Book Party Ever! San Francisco rocks!!

Last night, Tom’s lovely parents, Ray and Dagmar Dolby, threw us the most wonderful book party at their lovely home in San Francisco. The weather was beautiful, and so were the people! It is so nice to be back in the city. (I grew up here and attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart a few blocks away.) Everyone at the party was so warm and welcoming, and it was so nice to see how proud Tom’s family (his handsome brother David was there as well) is of him! Tom was so dashing in his blue blazer and colorful striped shirt, and I wore my blue Marni dress I bought ‘specially for the occasion.

My family traveled with me as well–my parents, who have very fond memories of San Francisco, and my brother Francis, just in from New York and Columbia Business School, with his girlfriend Christina. I was glad my parents were able to make the trip–my dad is still recovering from surgery but is doing well. I also brought my baby, who was such a good girl all night and so happy to attend her first book party! (And then was whisked away up to the music room with a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate bridge.) My only sadness was my husband couldn’t join us (darn those architecture deadlines!).

I was so star-struck to meet the fabulous people who are in the book–Armistead Maupin, who just radiates charisma and heartiness, Ayelet Waldman, who’s gorgeous and sassy and with whom I ate many a shrimp cocktail, and the super-charming Philip Himberg and dapper Karl Soehnlein! Tom’s mom had gardenia corsages for us to wear so that guests would know who we were, and we felt so special all evening. Tom and I joked it was like our gay/gal prom. Corsages? Check. Parents taking photographs? Check. Thankfully this time I wasn’t wearing a poufy black and pink dress with a butt-bow!

It is so nice to celebrate the book after all the hard work that went into it–I remember many long conversations with Tom over the direction of the book, working out the themes for the essays, angsting over every paragraph, and all the planning for the book tour. It’s also so exciting to know people are reading the book and responding to the stories that are in there. The reviews and reactions so far have been so great, and it is gratifying to know so many people have been touched by the stories that are in the collection.

Tonight will be our first public reading at Books Inc. so if you are in the city please stop by!!

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Ayelet Waldman Reads on KQED’s The Writer’s Block

Ayelet Waldman will be reading her essay, “Darling, I Like You That Way” on KQED Radio’s program “The Writer’s Block” next week. We’ll let you know when it’s up and can be streamed from the show’s site.

Ayelet’s essay is fabulous, and provides the last word in our anthology, as the twenty-eighth and final essay. It’s a fantastic and moving send-off, and a shout-out for all mothers out there — truly inspiring!

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Friday’s Fundraiser at Rakestraw Books

We’re so excited for the special event that brilliant Northern California bookstore owner Mike Barnard is throwing for us this Friday night in Danville; it’s the only event we’re doing where there’s a cover charge ($15), but all the proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, and Mike is renowned for knowing how to give a great party. (We were thrilled several months ago when Mike not only volunteered to host an event, but decided to hook up with The Trevor Project himself to create an evening that would raise funds and be focused around our book.) Call Rakestraw Books to make a reservation and for exact information on location:

Tom Dolby and Melissa de la Cruz Visit on Friday, 18 May 2007 at 7 PM

To celebrate the publication of this unique project, we are thrilled to invite you to a cocktail party and book event featuring authors Anna David, Stacey Ballis, and Zach Udko (co-sponsored by Hangar One Vodka) to benefit The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the only nationwide suicide prevention hotline that focuses on gay and questioning teens and twenty-somethings. $15 gets you a couple smashing cocktails, some first-class hors d’ouevres, and a great evening of books and conversation.  Sign up today by calling the shop at (925) 837-7337.

If you’re in the Bay Area this coming week, we hope you’ll stop by any one of our three events: Books Inc. Opera Plaza on Thursday, Rakestraw on Friday, and Book Passage Corte Madera.

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Cindy Chupack’s “Get This” in Sunday Styles!

Mel and I are thrilled that an adapted version of Cindy Chupack’s essay “Get This” ran in the most recent New York Times “Modern Love” column in Sunday Styles, under the headline, “An Ancient Coda to My 21st-Century Divorce.” We’re so proud of Cindy’s piece; as soon as we asked her to write something for us and she came back with this topic, we knew it would be a fantastic essay (let’s just say it involves one about-to-be married woman, her fiance, two gay dads, one ex-husband, two kids, and three rabbis: yup, you never saw that plot on Sex and the City). We hope you’ll pick up the book and read the whole thing, as there are quite a few priceless comic moments that didn’t make it into the Times version for space reasons. This is one piece that affects me every time I read it; it’s bittersweet, often hilarious, and it ends on a poignant note that I think everyone can relate to.

Cindy will also be writing a sex and romance column for O: The Oprah Magazine, starting with its August 2007 issue.

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Cindy and Tom on KTLK Radio in LA

Contributor Cindy Chupack and I will be guests on the Marc Germain Show on KTLK, LA’s Air America radio affiliate this afternoon, 4pm PT, to talk about Dina McGreevey’s new book Silent Partner and our perspective on the connections between straight women and gay men.

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