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Modern Love and a Fantastic PW Review

Big kudos to our anthology contributor Anna David, whose “Modern Love” piece in Sunday Styles yesterday is excerpted from her Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys essay, “Love in Other Lifetimes.” I’m loving that Brian from her essay has already been awarded “Biggest Gay” by Gawker. More curiously, check out the illustration next to the piece; don’t both of the heads in the thought bubbles look like a…young Tom Cruise? Hmmm…

The anthology comes out in a little under two months (yes, we will be touring; more info on that soon) and we just got our Publishers Weekly review! I’ve highlighted the juicy parts.

These pages resound with two main sentiments: “If you’re lucky, really lucky, you have one friend in this life who feels like a gift” and “Getting a gay boyfriend enriches life immeasurably.” This collection of original essays celebrates the fierce bond and special intimacy between straight women and their gay male best friends, as well as the sometimes disheartening realization that the boy you like, likes boys. Many essays soar with strong insights into love, humanity and the nature of friendship. James Lecesne writes a letter to a friend that whimsically deconstructs their 15-year friendship while revealing just how lifesaving it was. Cindy Chupack, on the verge of getting married again, embarks on a bittersweet reunion with her gay ex-husband. And Karen Robinovitz rhapsodizes on the joys of shopping with gay men and why when getting married one should, instead of bridesmaids, opt for “bridesgays.” Contributors also include some familiar writers from the worlds of journalism, film, TV, theater and fiction, like Anna David, David Ebershoff, Michael Musto and Andrew Solomon. Though bookstores aren’t lacking for lesbian and gay anthologies, this one justifies itself by tapping a less-explored subject with fresh voices and fervent first-person accounts. (May)

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