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Pop Rocks

New York
Pop Rocks!
35 East 13th Street, near the corner of University
“Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” Dance Party and Book Giveaway
DJ Chip Duckett
10pm, no cover

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Soho House

New York
“Out Ivy Authors Reading Series” at Soho House
29-35 9th Ave., 212.627.9800
6 – 9pm Reception and Reading
RSVP Required
Tom Dolby, Melissa de la Cruz, Alexandra Jacobs, Mike Albo, Zach Udko, Elizabeth Spiers, Stacey Ballis

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Chelsea Packed, The Latest Press…and Our Book Party!

Last night’s reading at the Chelsea Barnes & Noble was fantastic — more than 100 people showed up, and the crowd loved the selections. Sadly, Simon had to miss the event due to his father passing away (though the Page Six item that ran beforehand drew in the crowds–it may be the only time the Post can use the word “fag” in print); he sent us all an email, which I read to the crowd, noting that his father was “a great bloke and a major FAG-STAG who welcomed both FAGS and FAG-HAGS into his heart and home.” Fortunately, we got the wonderful Mike Albo to sub in for Simon. (Simon will be joining us in East Hampton, so don’t miss him then.) Mike, Andrew, Elizabeth, Karen, and Zach entertained everyone, and we signed–and sold–a ton of books.

Our NY launch party, a week from today, is also coming along, so expect pictures from that next week! We’ve signed up our four fabulous co-hosts: Jonathan Adler, Tinsley Mortimer, Miles Redd, and Allison Sarofim — all girls and gays who love each other! (As Allison wrote to us, “I’m a girl who loves a gay, so of course I’d love to host!”)

The press and blogging response to the book has been amazing: there’s the San Francisco Chronicle article (complete with a HUGE picture in the print edition), which we keep hearing about from friends; we were the “What to Read” for the week; a review in Edge Boston; blog entries from Queerty and others; a mention in the New York Observer‘s Eight Day Week and New York magazine’s Vulture section; a rave review in Booklist; and a podcast featuring contributor Brian Sloan on One Tryck Pony.

And…we are a bestseller at BookHampton in East Hampton! (not to mention a #1 gay nonfiction bestseller at

Plus: Some of our writers, including Brian Sloan and Michael Musto, will be talking about the book this Saturday on D List Radio.

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Barnes & Noble

New York
Barnes & Noble, Chelsea
675 Sixth Avenue, 212.727.1675
7pm Reading
Tom Dolby, Melissa de la Cruz, Andrew Solomon, Simon Doonan, Zach Udko, Elizabeth Spiers, Karen Robinovitz, Mike Albo
Co-sponsored by the LGBT Community Services Center.

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Book covered in SF Chron, Washington Blade & Pride Source!

We’re getting lots of fun press for the book!

Here’s the one from the San Francisco Chronicle, where you can also see photos from our fabulous party.

Here’s a nice interview from Pride Source, and here’s one from the Washington Blade.

Yay!! I particularly like that photo of me and Tom laughing. That pretty much sums up our friendship–a lot of giggling!

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Do yourself a favor-don’t miss a reading!!

How can I describe how much FUN our readings are?? The San Francisco readings were amazing–and the Book Soup event was just spectacular–our readers–Zach, Cecil, Cindy, Gigi and Philip really outdid themselves. It was the best sort of literary event–warm, funny, smart, raunchy, moving, spontaneous. Lots of good feeling all around. Our readings bring the book to life, and I am so sad to have missed the Borders reading tonight. (My six-month old had a bad reaction to her shots and was feverish and throwing up all day and night so I just could not bear to leave her.) But this book is my baby too!

New York is going to be excellent (Karen Robinovitz! Simon Doonan! Andrew Solomon! Elizabeth Spiers! just to name a few of our fab contributors who will be reading), and I behoove those of you in town to come to one of our events–they just keep getting better and better and don’t disappoint. I was teary-eyed by the end of Wednesday’s reading–our writers have shared such a special part of their lives with us and people, it just does not get better than this. This is literature…live!!

Bring your main gals and main gays… we hope to see you soon!

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Gawker Takes Note…

You know you’ve arrived when you get your Gawker plug.

Kudos to Elizabeth, who’s an all-around good sport about these things. Come see her (as well as Simon, Andrew, Karen, Zach, Mel, and me) at our first big reading in NY this coming Wednesday.

Oh, and our Book Soup reading was EXCELLENT! We’ve posted some pics on our Flickr page. Truly fantastic reading. Though all the readers were terrific, Cindy and Gigi’s essays had the standing-room only crowd (and their readers) tearing up at the end. Really moving. We really should take this show on the road.

Mel and I (and Anna and Philip, via phone) were also on KPCC Radio today for half an hour, talking about the book and tonight’s reading at Borders in Westwood.

And…there are pieces about the book in Next Magazine, David Atlanta, and Edge Magazine this week.

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Borders, LA

Los Angeles
1360 Westwood Boulevard, 310.475.3444
7pm Reading
Tom Dolby, Melissa de la Cruz, Cindy Chupack, Philip Himberg, Anna David, Sarah Kate Levy, Gigi Levangie Grazer

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Book Soup

West Hollywood
Book Soup
8818 Sunset Blvd., 310.659.3684
7pm Reading
Tom Dolby, Melissa de la Cruz, Cindy Chupack, Cecil Castellucci, Gigi Levangie Grazer, Philip Himberg, Zach Udko

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A plug in Leah Garchik’s column

Nice little write-up this morning in Leah Garchik’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle:

[A reader] was off to Dagmar and Ray Dolby’s book party celebrating the publication of “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys,” co-edited by their son, writer Tom Dolby, and Melissa de la Cruz. Every Dolby reveler she told about the Truman Project was interested and curious. “What a city this is,” she said of the mix.

Another guest of the Dolbys described the party as gay in every way. She overheard Dagmar Dolby telling someone who’d complimented her on her red Proenza Schouler jacket that it is a “great advantage to have a gay son who picks out your clothes!”

Ha! I feel like I know next to NOTHING about fashion. But, oh well. (Sorry, Mom, I just thought the Proenza Schouler looked good on you.)

As Mel wrote, the SF bookstore people were fantastic, particularly Mike Barnard at Rakestraw who catered a party for us, made Cosmos, AND raised money for the Trevor Project. Fun night. And we loved the royal treatment that we got from Books, Inc. and Book Passage (including free gifts for us!).

Also, check out the Shutterfly Galleries by photographer Drew Altizer of our two nights of book events last week, the party and the first reading. Nothing like a photographer who makes everyone look good!

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