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Borders NY

New York
Borders Time Warner Center
10 Columbus Circle, 212.823.9775
7pm Reading
Tom Dolby, David Ebershoff, Ed Wintle, David Levithan, Zakiyyah Alexander,
James Lecesne

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A Different Light indeed!

We had SUCH a great time at the reading at A Different Light last night. We had a full house! SRO baby! It was really amazing–and so nice to meet all the wonderful people who populate our book. Philip Himberg has been bringing his daughter, Fanny to all the readings. (His story is about how Fanny came to be!) And last night Karl Soehnlein’s friend Maria, whom he writes about in “The Collectors” was in the audience.

This whole experience has been amazing–it’s been so much fun working with all these different writers and I feel a little sad that we only have a few more events to go…

In other news, the book gets a big shout-out in the July issue of ELLE! Thanks to Simon Doonan for facilitating it! Yeah! Go check it out!

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A Different Light

West Hollywood
A Different Light
8853 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.854.6601
7:30pm Reading
Melissa de la Cruz, KM Soehnlein, Anna David, Sarah Kate Levy, Philip Himberg, Brian Sloan, Zach Udko

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The (Short) Party Report

Full report coming soon, but here are some photos by Patrick McMullan of our launch party, and hilarious reports from Gawker and Mediabistro. Enjoy!

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Official NY Book Launch

New York
New York Book Launch Celebration at Mantra
986 Second Avenue, 212.813.1595
7 – 9pm
By invitation only
Press: Lawlor Media Group, 212.967.6900

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New York
KGB Bar Reading Series
85 East 4th Street, 212.505.3360
7pm Reading
Tom Dolby, Stacey Ballis, Philip Himberg, Ed Wintle, Zach Udko, and more

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From New York to London…

We received a wonderful review in Time Out New York (we love that the book is “quietly revolutionary”) and an insightful profile in London’s Observer entitled “Why every girl needs a gay best friend.” The paper’s New York correspondent came to our Chelsea B&N reading and got some great quotes from our contributors (and, in at least one case, their spouses!).

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Fun at Soho House and another rave!

Fantastic reading at Soho House last night (pictures coming soon!) as we read to a packed crowd in the library and signed books. Those Ivy Leaguers were in rapt attention…and our lovely editor Trena Keating was there last night, and nearly rolling on the floor in laughter. We had told her how funny some of the pieces were when read aloud, but I think she had to see it for herself!

The Pop Rocks party was a blast — we’ve got some pics coming of girls who like boys who like boys…perhaps just a little too much!

And Philip Himberg, who has been a superstar contributor, called me this morning to tell me about a rave review in Gay City News. Very cool — and so nice when a review really digs deep into the book. Loved it!

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