An early review from The Advocate

Another excellent review has come in (rather early) for the anthology, which pubs May 17. This one is from The Advocate:

“There’s something for almost everyone in this lively and emotional anthology compiled by a gay man and a straight woman who have become confidant and cheerleader to each other despite living on opposite coasts. It includes essays by memoirist Simon Doonan, who remembers the fag hags who ruled his universe in 1970’s London, and TV personality Anna David, who reflects on her vain hopes of converting a confused gay guy. Performance artist Mike Albo pines for girlfriends pulled away by marriages and children, while journalist Karen Robinovitz writes winningly about how her ‘bridesgays’ made her wedding memorable. Not all of the essays sing, but most strike a chord.”

Congrats to everyone!

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