Q Syndicate Review!

We received a wonderful review in the nationally syndicated “Book Marks” column, in the May 7 edition:

“The fact of “fag hags” is a hoary homosexual descriptive with a vaunted history, even though the term itself may have fallen into grumpy “politically incorrect” disfavor. But smart editing by Dolby and de la Cruz, a fag and a hag respectively for more than a decade, and good writing both by ladies with gay friends and by gays with lady friends, nicely trump correctness. Some essays merely skim the topic of gal-gay friendships: Gigi Levangie Grazer (wife of movie producer Brian) writes about a fey waiter she didn’t really know well but misses since his death, and Dolby’s own candid, confessional entry is about a woman psychic who doesn’t seem to have had any particular affinity for homos other than him. Others, such as the contribution from Barneys creative director Simon Doonan, are old school giggly about the phenomenon. But most of the contributors — equitably including 13 women and 15 men — write with engaging depth and much humor about the instinctive, emotional, and sometimes sexual bonds between straight women and gay men.”

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