Cindy Chupack’s “Get This” in Sunday Styles!

Mel and I are thrilled that an adapted version of Cindy Chupack’s essay “Get This” ran in the most recent New York Times “Modern Love” column in Sunday Styles, under the headline, “An Ancient Coda to My 21st-Century Divorce.” We’re so proud of Cindy’s piece; as soon as we asked her to write something for us and she came back with this topic, we knew it would be a fantastic essay (let’s just say it involves one about-to-be married woman, her fiance, two gay dads, one ex-husband, two kids, and three rabbis: yup, you never saw that plot on Sex and the City). We hope you’ll pick up the book and read the whole thing, as there are quite a few priceless comic moments that didn’t make it into the Times version for space reasons. This is one piece that affects me every time I read it; it’s bittersweet, often hilarious, and it ends on a poignant note that I think everyone can relate to.

Cindy will also be writing a sex and romance column for O: The Oprah Magazine, starting with its August 2007 issue.

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