Gawker Takes Note…

You know you’ve arrived when you get your Gawker plug.

Kudos to Elizabeth, who’s an all-around good sport about these things. Come see her (as well as Simon, Andrew, Karen, Zach, Mel, and me) at our first big reading in NY this coming Wednesday.

Oh, and our Book Soup reading was EXCELLENT! We’ve posted some pics on our Flickr page. Truly fantastic reading. Though all the readers were terrific, Cindy and Gigi’s essays had the standing-room only crowd (and their readers) tearing up at the end. Really moving. We really should take this show on the road.

Mel and I (and Anna and Philip, via phone) were also on KPCC Radio today for half an hour, talking about the book and tonight’s reading at Borders in Westwood.

And…there are pieces about the book in Next Magazine, David Atlanta, and Edge Magazine this week.

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